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At the beginning, I couldn’t believe it. When they told me – Escentric Molecule is an aftershave that has been chemically created to act on a pheromone level, and women go mad for it! – I was rather sceptic. I took the tester and, still very doubtful, I sprayed some on my wrists. I was in London for Fashion Week and I was expecting a busy time of meetings lasting all days. Getting in the car, I gave the first destination to the driver who continued to stare at me in the rear view mirror. He couldn’t take his eyes of me and, as I was getting out, he stuttered: “Excuse me, I don’t usually ask this sort of thing… Especially to men… But… I wanted to ask… Can you tell me what aftershave you’re wearing?” Escentric Molecule works, I thought – maybe the target group need to be modified, but it works! Jokes aside, now I only wear Escentric Molecule 01. Wherever I am, not a day goes by that I am not asked about the aftershave I wear, but, like any gentlemen worthy of the name, I never reveal my secret.

All’inizio non ci credevo. Quando mi hanno detto - Escentric Molecule è un profumo creato chimicamente per agire a livello feromonico, le donne ne vanno pazze! - ero piuttosto scettico. Ho preso il tester e, senza tanta convinzione, me ne sono vaporizzato un po’ sui polsi. Ero a Londra per la settimana della moda e mi aspettava un tour de force di appuntamenti distribuiti lungo tutta la giornata. Salito in auto, ho indicato la prima destinazione al driver che mi osservava insistentemente dallo specchietto retrovisore. Non mi toglieva gli occhi di dosso e, al momento di farmi scendere, balbettando ha detto: - Scusi, non sono abituato a fare domande del genere… A un uomo soprattutto… Ma… Insomma… Volevo chiederle… Posso sapere che profumo porta? Escentric Molecule funziona, ho pensato, forse va tarato meglio il target di riferimento, ma funziona! Scherzi a parte, ora porto solo Escentric Molecule 01. Ovunque nel mondo mi trovi, non passa giorno senza che qualcuno mi chieda notizie del profumo che indosso, ma io, come ogni gentleman che si rispetti, non rivelo questi segreti.


Aroma chemicals are used in virtually all modern fragrances to bring to recreate scents like jasmine or violet or cedar or a host of other familiar olfactory favorites. Molecule 01 is the first of its kind to pay homage to just one of these hidden delightsâ the not so sexy sounding Iso E Super. You know it as a sweet sandalwood/cedar-like smellâ ¦a base note prevalent in many legendary perfumes, and it finally gets to shine all on its own. The velvety woody note is highly sensitive to body chemistry and twists and turns as it evolves, enticing the wearer with an almost pheromone-like fascination. The science of scent is finally on display and is sure to delight those woody fragrance aficionados who love to venture forth and discover something devastatingly unique.
There’s nothing like it in the world.