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Medium 21 1/2″ – 22″ 54.5cm – 55.75cm – Units: 2 – SOLD OUT
Large 22 1/8″ – 22 5/8″ 56cm – 57.25cm – Units: 2 – SOLD OUT

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Units: 4


Painting and photography are the languages I use to express myself: in everyday life, I love those objects that narrate men, histories, worlds. Each object that becomes a part of my life, does so forever. The latest? A helmet, and I had been looking for it for a long time, so by buying it I solved two problems: one, I got rid of the anxiety of Stefano’s object of the month and two, I found the timeless piece that I had been looking for, the height of safety and technology and retro design. Do you remember the helmets they wore in films of the Seventies, those of hired killers and bag-snatchers? That’s the one. The aspect that gives nothing away to ostentation, the solidity jealously hidden in the black tinted bodywork brought to mind the image of the most fascinating biker movies in history. From the Wild One with Marlon Brando to The Great Escape with Steve McQueen, from Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper to The Motorbike Diaries with Garcia Bernal. But also Matrix Reloaded and its science-fiction future, Gringo would fit in there well, a great support actor as only accessories full of such energy can be.

Pittura e fotografia sono i linguaggi attraverso cui mi esprimo: nella vita di tutti i giorni amo gli oggetti che raccontano uomini, storie, mondi. Ogni oggetto che entra a fare parte della mia vita, lo fa per sempre. L’ ultimo? Un casco. Lo cercavo da molto tempo e comprandolo ho risolto due problemi: mi sono tolto l’ansia dell’oggetto del mese per Stefano e ho trovato l’accessorio senza tempo che cercavo, il massimo per ciò che riguarda sicurezza, tecnologia e design retro’. Ricordate i caschi che nei film anni Settanta venivano indossati da scippatori e sicari? Ecco proprio quelli. L’aspetto che non concede nulla all’ostentazione, la solidità gelosamente nascosta nella scocca nera opaca hanno evocato in me le immagini dei più affascinanti biker movies della storia. Dal Selvaggio con Marlon Brando a La grande fuga con Steve McQueen, da Easy Ryder con Dennis Hopper ai Diari della motocicletta con Garcia Bernal. Ma anche Matrix Reloaded e il suo futuro fantascientifico, Gringo starebbe bene anche lì, coprotagonista come solo gli accessori pieni di energia sanno essere.


This tragically hip yet mercifully under-styled DOT approved skid lid ditches trendy vents and gizmos to create a stripped-down aesthetic that screams “high speed.” Features include a seamless injection-molded ABS outer shell, shock-absorbing EPS inner shell and a hand-stitched comfort liner with open-cell foam and brushed Lycra construction. The comfortable chinstrap is adorned with brushed Lycra material on touch points and a flat D-ring fastener with an adjustable snap-style end retainer. The BioFoam chin guard inside the Gringo picks up the liner’s stitched diamond pattern with contrasting thread that matches the ventilated polyester panels inside.